A new take
on the coffee break.

Life in Green was founded in 2009 as a distributor of compostable and bio-degradable disposable food service products. In 2010, it supplied the Vancouver Winter Olympics with a wide array of disposable goods and added such industry leaders such as Molson Coors to its compostable products client roster.

In 2013, the company changed owners and subsequently, its direction. Acquired by a corporate coffee company with 20 years’ experience, Life in Green is now bringing innovation and a personalized approach to customers in industries that are known for being slow to adapt to new market realities.

You come first
Quick and personalized service, quality products and competitive prices are only the beginning. We work closely with each one of our customers to cater to their specific products and business needs. Life in Green places great value in providing the very best products and services to its customers. Our environmentally minded, design oriented and customer-centered values ensure that we maintain long-lasting, trusting partnerships with our customers.


Our goal is simple; we want to have a positive influence and relationship with every one of our customers.

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