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A Safe Environment

Life in Green is committed to make a difference by protecting the environment with partners that share our belief. 
As a manufacturer we have always believed that creating and distributing ecofriendly products to our customers delivered positive impact. 

As we all transition into the ‘’new normal’’, adjusting our workplace to the pandemic by implementing safety
measures with the objective to keep our employees and customers safe.

Our new products have the capacity to offer you peace of mind with personal protective equipment and a powerful
commercial air purification technology to sanitize the air in your work environment.

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Commercial Air Purifier

Give your employees and customers
peace of mind with the most powerful
air purification technology. The power to
sanitize the air in large spaces through
7 levels of filtration for enhanced purification
and large air flow capacity up to 882 cubic feet
per minute. Reduce the risk of infections, increase
your employee overall well-being & energy level
throughout the day.

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Personal Protective Equipment
Masks – Gloves - Hand Sanitizer

Choose from our certified mask selection
offering the right level of protection based
on your work environment, we offer the full
range of masks from level 1 to 3, to KN95. 
Our team will gladly support you on choosing
the best selection to suit your needs.

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