With close to 20 years experience in the vending industry, we take great pride in knowing that our vending cups are tested to work with the most widely distributed drop mechanism from North America and Europe’s major manufacturers such as Crane, Automatic Product, Saeco and De Jong Duke.

You will quickly notice that our vending cups are of superior quality than the market standard and should you require a private label design, never will you have seen such crisp printing on your vending cups. Our vending cups are great for serving hot and cold beverages like water, coffee, tea or cocoa and are available in 8.25, 10, 12 and 16 oz in mocha design or your private label.



8.25 oz 67-48 1000 u 45  73 mm*
8.25 oz 67-26 1000 u 45 73 mm
10 oz 67-28 1000 u 36 80 mm
12 oz  67-49 1000 u 36 81 mm

* USA Vending Size 


Mocha Design      Private Label